Weekly Photo Challenge

New for 2016: Weekly Photo Challenge


Challenge yourself in the new year with our 52-week photo challenge.


A new creative photo theme (up to your interpretation) is posted every Monday in our Facebook group. Share a photo for each week’s theme, or pick and choose your favorites.


Miss a week? Don’t worry. You’re welcome to post photos to past themes at any time.


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Peek at Upcoming Weekly Themes Below


Themes are displayed in white text next to each date below.

(This is intentional, so you don’t accidentally view upcoming themes if you don’t want to!)


If you’re sure you want to peek, just highlight the text with your cursor to view.


January 1-10: Sometime Around Midnight

January 11-17: Here Comes the Sun

January 18-24: A Lack of Color

January 25-31: Light My Fire

February 1-7: Free Fallin’

February 8-14: We Will Become Silhouettes

February 15-21: Life in the Fast Lane

February 22-28: Your Hand in Mine

February 29-March 6: We Own the Sky

March 7-13: Stairway to Heaven

March 14-20: Two is Better than One

March 21-27: Dirty Paws

March 28-April 3: I Will Follow You Into the Dark

April 4-10: Hello, Goodbye

April 11-17 and beyond: TBD