Levitation Photography: Exploring Magic and Portraiture + Free Class Link!

It’s been a little quiet on The Photon Collective lately. I’ve been working on a new project and online class called Levitation Photography: Exploring Magic and Portraiture. When we launched The Photon Collective, the response to my Levitation Photography Tutorial was overwhelming! I had a lot of fun with the photos and really enjoyed the processing so I decided that I wanted to make a more in-depth online class that explores everything from planning to equipment, shooting, post processing and especially how to make the large flocks of levitation objects found in my levitation portraits.  It’s a complete online course that’s free for Photon Collective readers. Read more to learn about the creation of the class. Continue reading “Levitation Photography: Exploring Magic and Portraiture + Free Class Link!”

How-To: Levitation Photography

“When you have the intention of creating something surreal, all the constraints and bounds on your creativity are loosened. The entire experience, from planning to set up to shooting to processing, is a slow and methodical creative endeavor.” In this short tutorial, Ian Norman uncovers the simple techniques for shooting levitation portraits, with processing in Adobe Photoshop.

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