Welcome to The Photon Collective (WE’RE NOW LIVE!)

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Hi! I’m Ian Norman, photographer and creator of The Photon Collective. I’m so glad to welcome you to our community! Here’s a little bit about me, our team, and this new photography community we call The Photon Collective.

I absolutely love photography, and since you’re here, it’s likely that you do too. I’m glad that we share that in common.  The Photon Collective is all about creative forms of photography. I want this website to be an excuse for you to be creative. I think that a camera is an amazing excuse to do things we otherwise would never have experienced if we didn’t have the urge to capture and share them with others.

The Photon Collective Launch Team: Diana Southern, Ian Norman and Cody Smith

The Photon Collective Launch Team: Diana Southern, Ian Norman and Cody Smith

It’s an excuse to go places, to have adventures, to be uncomfortable and to meet new friends. It’s one of the most powerful forms of communication and also one of the most accessible. If you’re a lover of photography, then you’re already part of The Photon Collective.

Watch our launch video for The Photon Collective:

We’ve been working diligently on building The Photon Collective ever since we first announced it just a couple short months ago. We aim to have the best hands-on gear reviews and the most helpful and fun tutorials, and we hope to open many conversations about every creative facet of photography.

We’ve been working on tools to help you have fun with photography, too. The first is a free set of 16 post-processing presets for Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw. Most of all, we want you to share your thoughts about The Photon Collective and let us know what you want to see from the site. You’ll only ever find all original content on this site, no re-blogs or re-shares, just the latest work from our team.

Ready to start exploring the site?

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Thank you so much for visiting. -Ian

Ian Norman